There is something about a brother.  No, although I do love the darker shades in a man, I’m talking about J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood.  For those who love these vamps you know what I’m talking about.  They aren’t the whining…oh I’m a monster type vampire.  They don’t bemoan their position in life.  They are men in the most powerful form.  The have a scent that lingers on their mate’s skin that sends others running for the hills for fear on crossing their turf.

            When they find the woman they want the word mine shakes them to their core.  Moving into their very being.  They discover that they have a huge need to possess this person body and soul.

            My husband has already learned that in late March I go into a cocoon grasping tightly to my book or now Kindle as I fall into the world of over protective vampires that will do anything to care and nurture their females.  But they don’t push.  The women, as much as it infuriates them, must make the choice willingly.

            Now this isn’t to say that they are all humans that need to chose to no longer be “alive”.  No, many are vampires themselves with their own lives and life spans.  They have to make the same choices that we all do in our life.  As I leave the cocoon looking for my man like a bear waking from hibernation he tries not die as I go into only five-guys-in-a-cabin-could-satisfy-me-mode.  It does make me wonder do I have some blood lust and that’s why these vampires appeal to me or is it something else?

            Great story and writing aside what is it about these characters that makes me pop into the chat room in hopes that the author has gone into character mode and posted as one of them.  What makes me shiver at the thought of Zsadist staring at me with an icy cold glare knowing full well he could snap my neck or make me cum within three strokes of his tongue against my flesh?  What makes me want Viscous  to tell me even though I’m aching to climax that I can’t and think I’d actually be able to stop because he said I wasn’t allowed?  And finally what makes me want to crawl into bed with Rhage to comfort him after he’s turned into the beast that he carries on his soul for punishment but allows him to keep the woman he loves around. For only she can sedate the beast with just her voice.

            My first short story, Summer School, will be out October 17th from Rebel Ink Press and it’s dedicated to Cassandre Dayne because I was just testing the waters trying to improve my sex scenes and she pushed and supported me into submitting it as a stand alone book.  First, this shocked me, because I’d never written a ménage scene.  To receive praise from someone that can write a sex scene with more depth and feeling than most authors and be told it was good enough to sell is a high honor.

            In Summer School I explore multiple partners where both men have their own agenda with the girl, but both want to keep her safe and make her the focal point of the experience.  Now at this point you’re trying to figure out how my rambling political science fast talking mouth is going to tie together Cassandre Dayne, overly protective vampires and multiple partners…well actually tying them together isn’t all that shocking.

            This week I’m going to have Cassandre Dayne answering questions about her series On Becoming His and the D/s lifestyle.  The book is about a woman coming into her own as a submissive (see my vamps now).  This not the first D/s book I’ve read, but it’s the first one that ever affected me.  The main character’s voice made me reexamine some things in my life, but I’m not going down to the Smitten Kitten and Home Depot to pick up supplies.  Much like when I was a child I didn’t start a candy empire because I wanted a chocolate room after I read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  Although I did learn how to make candies as I got older. 

            Luke, a possessive, yet patient man is the Dom in this book.  Just as Jessie he discovers his own growth as promised by the author in later books.  Much like my vamps Luke’s only end goal is caring for Jessie in the way she wants and ultimately needs despite the fact that she unsure how to meet her needs.  In the BDB series the vampires feed their women by hand to show their care of her well-being.  Unlike in other BDSM and D/s books where the Dom will say the woman must be shaven, not drink this, work out so she’s in the right form for the Dom etc, we find Luke who cares deeply for Jessie’s well being, but shows it more in the way my vampires do.  Nurturing her while still being in control.

            Now like a Seinfeld episode I have to come full circle.  I’m drawn to men have a strong sense of self that protect and command me.  Does this mean I’m going to step feet first into a D/s relationship.  No.  Much like my interest in a ménage had me processing my thoughts in “Summer School” (again I was a poli sci major it takes me a little bit to show the connections but they are there) books can be transformative and not just self-help ones.  The BDB books are fantasy.  There isn’t a Caldwell, NY or there isn’t a secret society of vampires protecting their race…or is there?  But Luke and Jessie live in the real world where I do.  They have struggles and triumphs; and they enthrall me to the point of wonder. 

            Cassandre asked me why I wanted to give this story so many places on this and my other persona’s blog.  It’s simple.  When I find something that excites, stimulates or intrigues me I want to share it with my friends and the world.  Although if I do chose to go further into the D/s life initially at least it’ll be my secret, but the exploration of it can’t be.  I’ve been told having the desire isn’t the problem suppressing it is and sometimes the acts can be.


09/08/2012 6:18am

What an incredible honor to have you say such kind things to me dear lady. You are truly a wonderful and valued friend, a woman I respect with all my heart and a damn kick ass talented writer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

09/08/2012 11:47am

Thanks for sharing your story to begin with

09/08/2012 11:57am

I will agree that on Becoming His has captured me as well. There is something beautiful yet fragile about both the characters.

As for characters there is something that will light a spark and capture you, leave you breathless and wishing you could truly meet them in life. Those are beautiful and amazing stories..Those characters are the ones you want to know forever.

BTW, you are a wonderful author and I am so thrilled you are going to have your book out soon.


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