Today is the day that Summer School is back in session.  To celebrate I've got some bookmarks and some gift cards to get you ready for class.

Summer School is the first in a series that follows different couples over a year of school at Arista University.  The next in the series is Fall Sports, followed by Winter Break then Spring Recruit.  

Stacy is waiting out the long weekend before summer school begins when she sees her booty call walking across the quad.  Remembering a conversation they'd had about him being stuck in summer school, too, Stacy realizes she's got an opportunity to make the weekend a lot more satisfying.          

When she gets to Harrison's door, she learns his roommate, Len, is also in summer school. Harrison convinces Stacy that Len's dead to the world and won't hear them having sex.  Stacy wants to say no but Harrison's smooth talk and soft touches overwhelms Stacy's fear of being caught.

Lost in an orgasm, Stacy feels Len sliding up behind her and a day between the two roommates uncovers hidden feelings for Stacy both Len and Harrison had been trying to suppress.  By the end of the night, Stacy will learn more about her body, love and what can come when two men's only desire is to please her.

Please check out my Stories page to learn more about the next season on campus.


10/17/2012 12:37pm

Sound like a good book.


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