Guess it’s time I introduce myself.  I’ve already had my first guest author and I plan on having many more to come.  I love having authors on and digging around to learn more about who they are.  So with out further a due my name is Samantha Pleasant and on this blog I plan to have naughty fun with friends.  That being said this is just an intro for what’s to come.

            I chose this name because my first pet, a little kitty, was named Samantha and like all little kitties I like to be petted.  I wanted to share with you some sweet words and promise you that I’d fill your ereaders… and maybe some day your hands with books that will stimulate and arouse. 

            My plan right now is to once a week, give you my thoughts on what’s going on around the world and in my backyard.  I’m sure I’ll host giveaways and share a few of my favorite things…on the rare occasion I’ll pull you up right next to me and let you snuggle in. 

            That being said I’ve had something’s that lately have upset me.  I had a full on snarky blog written ready to explain exactly how wrong some people are.  Sarcasm flowed from my fingertips like water from the tap, but that would just give that person what they wanted.  A platform to continue to spew hate.  It would allow them to be able to share their misguided thoughts with those who think the same way and for that reason I saved my document then restarted my intro again.

            It’s all about me this time.  I’m in the author spotlight today.  Sorry I won’t let anyone steal my moment in the sun.  This will be your time to ask questions and give suggestions.  I’m great at researching and trying to give you a full view of topic…coming up with topics, well that’s every bloggers hardest task.  Luckily a recent release by one of my author friends gave a great start.  In the coming weeks I’m going to be delving into the D/s world and hosting a few wonderful authors on the subject…I tell you more but dang it…this is about me.

            Alright, in my books you’ll find love in various shades, combinations and scenarios.  My characters will allow you to see into them and hopefully you’ll feel that tug when you get the end of a book wanting more.  Don’t worry I’ll be here to provide it.  And by the end of my books you’ll have looked into a relationship that shows love, in all its crazy shades, because gray is just one color on the spectrum and limits aren’t my thing.

            Here’s what’s in store for you for October.  Summer School.  

Stacy is waiting out the long weekend before summer school begins when she sees her booty call walking across the quad.  Remembering a conversation they'd had about him being stuck in summer school too Stacy realizes she's got an opportunity to make the weekend a lot more satisfying.          

When she gets to Harrison's door she learns his roommate Len is also in summer school. Harrison convinces Stacy that Len's dead to the world and won't hear them having sex.  Stacy wants to say no but Harrison's smooth talk and soft touches overwhelms Stacy's fear of being caught.

Lost in an orgasm Stacy feels Len sliding up behind her and a day between the two roommates uncovers hidden feelings that both Len and Harrison had been trying to suppress for the sexy Stacy.  By the end of the night Stacy will learn more about her body, love and what can come when two men's only desire is to please her.


09/01/2012 8:11pm

My dear, sweet, delicious Sammy, it's so nice of you to come out and play. You are delicious - right? Please don't bust my bubble and tell me otherwise, I have it set in my mind that you taste like Juicy Fruit gum. Ah, I digress and I have no idea how I got off on that tangent.

Anyway, I'm sure that readers are in for a treat. I'm impressed with the blurb for your book and the premise has made my nature rise. By the way, I've got to tell you, this line about the book sent me on a trip back down memory lane -

"Stacy is waiting out the long weekend before summer school begins when she sees her booty call walking across the quad."

OMG, if I had a dollar every time I've looked up and saw a potential booty call walking down the street, I'd be a rich, rich man. Muwah!@

09/01/2012 8:24pm

Mr. Russell I'm glad that I have entertain and teased you today.

Melissa Thompson
09/01/2012 8:31pm

Oh wow...I'm the midst of an amazing orgasm with a booty call you feel another hard body sliding in behind you? Round two anyone?? Sounds like a dream come true to me :)

09/01/2012 8:41pm

it seems we're girls after the same thing ;)


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