There was a time when short stories were the norm.  You look at Edgar Allen Poe, Shirley Jackson and even Mark Twain.  All had their stories that when published were little more than a pamphlet or had to be put into a collection to be published.  

With the ease of epublishing short stories are making a resurgence, even when people want more a story can be complete in a few thousand words.  Creating a full story arc and coming to a satisfying conclusion.  The reason people want more is because you've created, in a few words, characters people could connect to.  

In my stories I give you a glimpse into on moment in a couples life.  These stories will more than likely never be put into print and that's okay.  Why?  Because print is expensive for not only the consumer, but the planet as well.  My stories are there to take you away for an afternoon or evening.  The nice part is you can read them even on a short flight or car ride and thanks to ereaders you wont be taking up anymore space in your bag than a small paperback.  When you power up that ereader you'll not only have my books to read, but you could have the whole Rebel Ink Press collection to choose from and still not take up any more space in your bag.  So whether you're reading me, discovering your identity with Lila Munro, falling into a classic sweet romance with Lee Ann Southeimer Murphy, or learning how to love more than one werewolf at once with J. L. Oiler your ereader will be there to satisfy your reading needs.  Don't have one yet...don't fret, Rebel Ink Press is here for you too.  Don't forget to enter our giveaway before you hop to the next author.

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04/26/2013 8:40pm

Thank you for sharing and for the awesome hop! :) Congrats on all of your success! Happy Earth day! Many blessings to you!


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