Lila Munro-Sammy interview Sept 24th

SP-In Private Pirouette you have “a stripper living under the guise of a studious book worm”…as a book worm yourself what’s your secret life?

LM-LOL…now if I told, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore now would it? ;) I know, I know. Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s see…some things few would know or wouldn’t guess about me. I enjoy a dying art, embroidery, and I quilt with my mom. I also like to dig in the dirt and grow stuff. Veggies, flowers, the standard fair. I completely enjoy being a stay home wife and enjoy very much pleasing my husband, when he’s home! Yes, he’s away playing Marine again! J And I cook. Comfort foods. You know chicken and dumplings, in the oven pot roast, all day soups…How many can I expect for dinner? I like to entertain as well, big parties. And I love to host the holidays—see cooking and entertaining above. J

SP-As a woman who loves a man in uniform tell the truth which is sexier Dress A’s or B’s, Deltas or Charlies and why?

LM-Oh golly, it’s by far a toss-up between my husband’s cammies and his dress blues. When he comes home in those cammies a bit sweaty from a hard day’s work, he’s been busy being a Marine and being an Alpha man all day, well…Then those blues. Who wouldn’t swoon and fall to their knees? All formal, all business. Dignified. For the evenings he’s all dressed up, the chest beating Alpha is replaced by the hand in the small of the back Alpha. And no one dares cross the line with his lady. ;) Equally sexy and both elicit heart palpitations.

SP-In Toy Box Tales a surprise comes wrapped in a cute pink bow.  I know it’s early but tell us a naughty gift that could get you going if it was bow wrapped under your tree at Christmas?

LM-Okay, corny and cliché…but, he’s been gone six years of the last nine…My husband, bow optional.

SP-You’ve got an active blog how have you been able to keep it hopping everyday and still find time to write your books?

LM-It’s not been easy I can tell you that much. I just wrote an article this morning for TRR’s blog talking about time management and such. I found out the hard way just how harmful not getting enough me time and rest can be. It’s so detrimental in so many ways. Your muse shuts up, your health goes south…not good for anyone involved. A little over a year ago one doctor’s visit changed my entire life to include my writing life. I live by a schedule these days. I have certain days of the week I go into my blogger dashboard and pre-post the next few days. And I know most writers will tell you they just let the muse roam and when the mood strikes they roll with it, and there are occasions I still do that, but for the most part, again, I’m on a schedule. I get up each morning with a list of things to accomplish that day and time slots allocated for each thing. Usually writing is penciled in for the entire afternoon after all my “promo” things or administrative mess is taken care of. I eat a healthy lunch, shut my phone off, ignore social media for the most part, and crawl around in my characters’ heads a while. That’s not to say I don’t listen to the muses when they speak at odd times, but I don’t obsess with it and get up at all hours of the night anymore to answer the call. I take notes and tell them in due time. I use my notepad on my phone a lot!

SP-You cover quite a few subgenres in Erotica and Erotic writing is there anything you won’t touch?

LM-If there’s a line I won’t cross I haven’t found it yet insofar as subject matter—there are a few aspects of the BDSM life that just squick me out a bit, so I avoid those—you know body fluids, blood—although if I overcome the squick, it’s fair game. When you said quite a few things I cover, you sure hit the nail square. I’ve talked deprivation, water games, electricity…I’ll take my characters pretty far and not just physically. They’re tested to the wall emotionally. As far as subgenres, I tried paranormal a couple of times and found it wasn’t my thing. I’m not good at it so I leave it alone. For the next few months my focus is on BDSM, ménage, and military characters. After that…who knows?

A little about you…What’s your favorite…

Adult beverage? Royal flush

Guilty pleasure? Purses

Sweet or salty? LOL…oh, you do tempt my naughty mind…both if found in the right contrast.

Reading or writing a book? Reading…Writing is my job (which I love and wouldn’t trade for anything), but reading is my escape.

Love or Lust? Love

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Private Pirouette
Now Available

Piper McGee can smell a set up a mile away. She can smell a Marine even further. Born to a dual-enlisted couple who divorced before she was old enough to remember a single family holiday together and proceeded to redefine the very definition of family through several marriages and even more step-siblings, Piper has made it her life’s promise to herself to never become involved with one of the few and the proud. They’re among the most irresponsible people she knows, leaving destruction in their wake and broken hearts paving the way to their next duty station. And in her opinion, Alec Douglas is just another example, until he pries her heart open along with other parts of her, making her question everything she's ever let herself believe about honor, courage, and commitment.

What does a man do with six month’s down time and no warm body to share his bed? For Sergeant Alec Douglas, contemplating that question led him to fall prey to his two best friend’s plan to find him that very thing. They know Alec has yet to stay with any one person for more than a few dates. They also know a tragedy from his past created the problem and while that haunts him, making it nearly impossible for Alec to trust his heart to anyone, they also know he’s a sucker for a challenge. Will the enticement of a few thousand dollars riding on him breaking his own rule be just the thing to disrupt his cycle? Taking their bet might be profitable, but is winning the money they’ve dangled under Alec’s nose worth losing himself to the girl they’ve picked out for him?


In his quest to get her to say yes to his crazy proposal, he tracks her all over town only to discover the beautiful, long-legged blond isn’t the studious book worm he mistook her for. In fact, she's one of Jacksonville’s finest in the form of Orchid, exotic dancer. Her rejection only spurs him to make sure her dancing days are over and she only performs her private pirouette for him, and only him, for the rest of their lives if he has his way.

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Lila Munro
09/24/2012 5:21am

Thanks for having me by today Samantha! Great interview questions, you really made me think this morning. :)


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